Hot Tub Cottages

Cottages in the UK and Ireland with Hot Tubs

When searching for a self catering holiday many people want to book a cottage with a hot tub. It's not just cottages that have hot tubs nowadays though, there are also log cabins and other types of self catering accommodation with hot tubs. Some self catering accommodation has private hot tubs for each cottage whereas others have shared hot tubs. Remember to check ads carefully before booking a cottage with a hot tub to make sure that you are booking the right kind of property for your needs. There could be nothing worse than planning to have a nice romantic break and planning to spend some quality time with your loved one in the hot tub to arrive and find out that when it comes to the hot tub you've got to cuddle up with other holidaymakers!

If you're going on a girly self catering weekend away on the other hand sharing a hot tub and socialising with others may be just what you are after. Whatever the type of cottage with a hot tub you are after – private or shared facilities, remember to spell out to cottage owners or agencies exactly what you are looking for to avoid any disappointment. It is also advisable to book well ahead when it comes to cottages with hot tubs, self catering properties with hot tubs are in demand, it is essential to book as early as you can. If you have any pets that you want to take on holiday you'll be glad to hear that some cottages with hot tubs are dog friendly. Again it's best to check arrangements with cottage owners or agencies – some owners only accept certain kinds of dog, many accept only one dog, some more (it's best to ask) and with the large majority of even dog friendly properties, dogs are accepted by arrangement only.

More about cottages with Hot Tubs

There are so many different parts of the UK just waiting to be explored. The UK has a wealth of chocolate box villages, countryside and parks galore. If you like to keep active enjoy walking or hiking on your self catering break. Or you may want to take or hire a cycle and enjoy a spot of cycling whilst you are away. One of the nicest locations for a cottage with a hot tub is the Isle of Wight. The truly adventurous may want to book somewhere where mountaineering, archery or white water rafting can be enjoyed. Whether you are looking for a relaxed chilled out break or something fall more adventurous we hope you secure the right cottage for your needs and have a great time.

We have organised topics on this website to make it as easy as possible for you to find a cottage with a hot tub to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to take a break in the countryside or holiday by the coast we trust you will enjoy browsing through the selection of cottages. If you have a pet dog that you plan to take away with you then you have come to the right place, to help you find pet friendly accommodation we have listed this for you. We have also organised things so that you can easily find small cottages for romantic breaks or big cottages if you are travelling as part of a large group or family.

Important points to consider include:

- Is the hot tub for shared use with other cottages or for solely your private use during your stay?

- Is the hot tub indoor or outdoor?

- Are there any additional facilities that are important to you when looking for a cottage?

Do bear these points in mind when considering which cottage to book. If you are unsure do remember you can email or call agencies or owners and get more information from them.


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